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Permisos de Modelos y Propiedad

Model and property releases for Photo 507 Stock Images & Videos

A release is a legal document between you and the model or property owner in your image.

You’re free to use your own form or you can use our sample release forms but you need to be confident the form you use is legally binding and protects you.

You need to keep your signed releases safe, as they may need to be referenced by a customer or lawyer in the future.

If you say you have a release, you can upload it using the Media Manager. This makes it quicker for us to pass them on to customers if they’re needed. If you don’t upload the release but indicate that there is one, we’ll get in touch to ask you for a copy if a customer or lawyer requests to see it.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a release, we can still sell your images for editorial uses.

We sell lots of unreleased images to our editorial customers like newspapers, magazines and book publishers because they don’t need a release. However, if you do have the relevant releases your images can be sold to commercial and editorial customers.

When do I need a model release?

If the person in your image can recognise themselves in any way, you’ll need a model release to sell for commercial use. This includes crowd scenes, parts of the body or silhouettes.

When do I need a property release?

If there’s recognisable property in your image you’ll need a property release in order to sell for commercial use.

Property is not just limited to buildings, it’s anything identifiable that’s copyrighted/trademarked e.g. logos and branded items. This release must be signed by the property or brand owner.